National Beta Club 

The National Beta Club's motto is “Let Us Lead by Serving Others.” To be eligible for Beta Club, students must have an overall average of 88 in core academic classes. This does not include P.E. and electives such as band, speech, etc. If inducted, you must maintain an average of 85. If eligible, a survey will go to high school teachers regarding a student's character in class, leadership ability, and participation in class/school. Teachers will score the candidate 1 to 5 (1 being the worst, 5 being the best) on these categories. The average of these scores must be at least a 4. If eligible, the Beta Club sponsor will talk to the candidate regarding their willingness to serve the school and community. If the candidate is not interested, they will be taken off the eligibility list. There is a $15 Beta Club fee that goes to the National Beta Club.

The Beta Club participates in a variety of school and community service. Beta Club members have cleaned and powerwashed the playground and walkways, served at the Operation Shoebox packing facility, participated in the Miracle League (shown below), and other activities. 

Beta Club Members posing as a group


American Christian Honor Society 

The American Christian Honor Society (ACHS) was founded by AACS in 1979 to honor qualified high school students in member schools and to be uniquely Christian in its emphasis. The American Christian Honor Society seeks to advance Christian scholarship, challenge Christian leadership, honor Christian character, and stimulate Christian service. Prospective members must have at least a 92 scholastic average, be a current member of TCS Beta Club in good standing, be recommended for induction by the faculty and administration, and receive an acceptable rating from their pastor/youth pastor based on their church attendance and activities.

American Christian Honor Society in Action

Student Government Association 

Tuscaloosa Christian School Student Government Association is comprised of elected officials from 9-12 grade who hold elected class offices. These students must be in good academic standing, display leadership abilities, and actively participate in class/school. SGA officers attend the AISA conference twice a year (shown below) and plan activitities to fundraise for various organizations. Student Government Association Members

TCS Class Officers

Each class in 9th-12th grades elect class officers at the beginning of each year, including the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chaplain. In order to hold a class office, the student must have a good conduct record and have a C+ (or better) average in academics. The student must have been at TCS for one semester prior to being nominated for office.