Tuscaloosa Christian School offers ACAA Sanctioned High School Varsity Boys Basketball and High School Varsity Girls Basketball, as well as basketball for the Junior High Boys.

2017-2018 Basketball Schedule

Link for Basketball Stats

Varsity Boys
  Varsity Girls
Tanner Burrows 12th   Loren Caudle  12th
Clay Ramsey 12th   Jessica Dill  12th
Chris Brewer 11th   Sophie Harris 12th
Evan Donahue 11th   Brooke Loper  12th
Kyle Anderson 10th   Anna Suttle  12th
Neal Marshall 10th   Elly Burrows  11th
JoJo Mills 10th   Emily Pierce  11th
Landon Pate 10th   Alyssa Dockery  10th
Joshua Wiggins 10th   Kylie Chandler  9th
Eric Banks 9th   Victoria Anderson  7th
Danny Lancaster, Coach   Allie-Grace Ramsey  7th
Dan Lancaster, Coach   Jake Jones, Coach