Frequently Asked Questions



Who sponsors your school?

cottondale-logoTuscaloosa Christian School is a ministry of Cottondale Baptist Church – a Southern Baptist, Bible preaching and teaching church. The primary reason for the existence of Tuscaloosa Christian School is to provide an opportunity for children of Christian families to have a Christian education. As a ministry of CBC, Tuscaloosa Christian School seeks to be an extension of the Christian home to help parents in fulfilling their God-given responsibility.


Do you accept all students who apply at your school?

Tuscaloosa Christian School admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin. However, we do prefer that admission be limited to families in which at least one parent has professed faith in Jesus Christ as Savior, and who is a regular attendee to a Bible believing Church. Any exceptions must be determined by the administration. Although we would like to meet the educational needs of every student, Tuscaloosa Christian School is not equipped to help students with learning disabilities. Therefore, students scoring below a certain level on entrance testing are not admitted. Students must have completed their previous semester with academic success (no more than one failing grade) in order to be considered for acceptance. Students are not accepted directly out of hospital or detention programs. Students who have been expelled from their previous school are not accepted.


What must I do to enroll my child in Tuscaloosa Christian School?

  1. Online application is the first step. If it is not possible for you to apply online, an application package is available at the TCS Office.
  2. An interview with the administrator is conducted with the prospective student and his/her parents before admittance is granted. All forms and entrance testing procedures must be completed. We will need to have a copy of any standardized tests (Stanford, Iowa, etc.) and report cards brought to us at the time of the interview, along with official transcripts and immunization records from their previous school.
  3. The applicant’s previous educational achievement, patterns of behavior and learning potential are considered as factors bearing upon whether a student will be accepted. Applicants may be tested, unless recent standardized achievement test results are available.


Is your school accredited?

Tuscaloosa Christian School is accredited by AdvancEd (SACS) and North American Christian School Accrediting Agency.


What are the sizes of classes?

The student-to-teacher ratio at TCS is around 20 to 1. Kindergarten classes have 23 or fewer students, while the rest of the classes generally have 25 or fewer students. Within the orderly, disciplinary and traditional academic structure of classes at Tuscaloosa Christian School, we believe that these class sizes allow for optional teacher-student interaction.


How does your curriculum compare with other schools?

At Tuscaloosa Christian School it is believed that the true curriculum in the classroom is a reflection of the life of the teacher, and that the teacher teaches what they live before teaching what is in the textbook. All of our teachers are men and women who love the Lord and desire to disciple others as they teach. The teachers have college degrees and are educationally prepared to give each student a thorough scholastic training. Our teachers are certified by AACS. Textbooks in elementary grades are used from A Beka Books, Bob Jones University Press and some secular publishers.


How do your students perform academically?

The Stanford Achievement Test is annually administered to students in grade K5-11. When compared to national norms, our students consistently rank one or more years above grade level.


Do all your students study Bible?

Yes! Bible class is an important part of the curriculum at Tuscaloosa Christian School. In the kindergarten and elementary grades, Bible classes begin each day. All students in the secondary grades are required to take a Bile course each semester at Tuscaloosa Christian School.


Do your students have difficulty transferring to other schools?

Students who have done well at Tuscaloosa Christian School have not had difficulty either in being accepted or in doing satisfactory work in other private or public schools. Tuscaloosa County high schools may require testing in core subjects for students who have performed poorly in their work at TCS.


If my child graduates from your school, will they be accepted at any college they choose?

No school guarantees student acceptance into college. Each college establishes its own entrance requirements. Colleges rely heavily upon a student’s grade point average in high school, scores on college entrance tests, and the selection of courses taken in high school. Students are advised to contact colleges they are interested in to determine requirements. Past TCS graduates have successfully attended the University of Alabama , Shelton State, Greenville College, Boston University, Liberty University, Auburn University, Bob Jones University, Tennessee Temple University, Pensacola Christian College, Colorado School of Mines, The Citadel, Faulkner University, Lee University, Clearwater Christian College, Trinity Baptist College, Covenant College, Mississippi State University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Sanford University, University of West Alabama, Montevallo, Indiana Wesleyan, Southern Wesleyan, Baptist Bible College, as well as other Christian and state universities.