History of TCS

The History of Tuscaloosa Christian School
Cottondale Baptist Church became involved in Christian education in September 1969, with the first five-year-old kindergarten class consisting of 10 pupils. In September 1974, first through third grades began with 15 students under the name of Cottondale Christian Academy. In September 1975, fourth through eighth grades were added. All of these classes met at Cottondale Baptist Church. On March 22, 1976, the name of the school was changed from Cottondale Christian Academy to Tuscaloosa Christian School. In September 1976, the school moved into the present building on Prudes Mill Road; the ninth and tenth grades were added at this time. In September 1977, eleventh and twelfth grades were added; and in May 1978, TCS graduated its first senior class, consisting of five students. The enrollment has steadily grown and maintained itself over the years and is presently in excess of 370 students. An 18,000 square foot building, completed in 1976, houses grades one through twelve. This includes a library, computer lab, and science lab. The school gymnasium was completed in 1988. It houses the basketball/volleyball court, locker rooms, offices, band room, choir room, and art room. The kindergarten building was completed in 2001. We built the Student Center building in 2010, complete with a new kitchen, lunchroom, and stage. The school complex is contained within a beautiful 15-acre campus, which also has a football field, baseball field, and softball field. Tuscaloosa Christian School is incorporated, with the sole owner being Cottondale Baptist Church.

Our Belief

With academic excellence as our goal, our students are challenged to compete on state and national levels with other Christian schools in academic testing, as well as fine arts. We occasionally bring in special educators to teach classes, speak to the student body, or lead in educational tours. Tuscaloosa Christian School is an integral part of Cottondale Baptist Church of Cottondale, Alabama. We are governed by a school board which also serves as the church board of deacons. Christian training in the school is from a biblical approach, and Christ-like principles are clearly taught. No applicant shall be denied admission on the basis of race, color, or national origin.

Mission Statement

Tuscaloosa Christian School exists to challenge young people to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, to live according to biblical principles, and to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to serve others.